Alcohol Home Detox

Alcohol home detox service. We cover the UK & Ireland and can start your detox the same day you contact us. Our service is fast, affordable and effective. To detox from alcohol at home today call 0113 3474 991 or complete the contact form (INSERT ANCHOR).

Alcohol home detox – Outline of service

Our alcohol home detox service is designed for people who have developed a physical addiction to alcohol and need a physical break to stop the destructive cycle. If you are suffering from sweats, shakes and anxiety when you try to stop you have likely become physically addicted to the substance. Detoxing without professional medical support can be dangerous and risks seizures and even death. Our alcohol home detox service covers the entire process from the medical and counselling side. We even offer a home based rehab programme that can assist you in long term recovery.

Alcohol home detox – Who is suitable

As we have such a specialist medical team we can treat almost all instances of addiction on a home basis. On occasion we may not be able to offer the alcohol home detox service due to pre-existing health conditions or cross-addction. In these instances we would look to place you into one of our registered detox facilities for the detox period.

We are unable to offer our services to anyone under the age of 18 and we only cover the UK and Ireland. If you think you have a problem with alcohol you probably do and you will be suitable for our services. The detox service is best suited to people with a long term desire to stop drinking. We do carry out an extensive assesment before our detoxes. For a free assesment for our alcohol home detox service call 0113 347 4991 or fill in the contact form (Insert anchor)

Alcohol home detox – How to start

Simply contact us on 0113 347 4991 or complete the form below and we will contact you. First we will carry out an assesment to ensure you are suitable for the detox. Once we are satisfied you are suited to our alcohol home detox we will assign you one of addiction our doctors (closest to you). They will the arrange foe the detox to begin. We provide full support throughout the detox and are available 24 hours a day should you need anything.